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Haven’t Been in the Chair in a While?

Consultation, Exam, x-rays, and Cleaning are apart of the process.

Exams & Cleanings


If it’s been some time since you’ve gone in for a dental cleaning, your teeth will likely have a significant amount of plaque buildup on them. This is normal. It may, however, mean that you will spend more time in the dental chair having your teeth cleaned than you would otherwise.


As the hygienist works to clean each tooth, remind yourself that this process is essential to your dental health, and that your teeth will be stronger and whiter once you leave the appointment. If you’re very nervous about spending time in the dentist’s chair, ask about relaxation techniques. Your dentist will likely have several suggestions to help make your next appointment a more pleasant experience.


Oral Exam

Once a dental hygienist has completely cleaned your teeth, your dentist will give you a comprehensive oral examination. The purpose of this examination is to inspect your mouth for cavities, and signs of dental disease.

Your doctor may also look for signs of oral cancer and other conditions. If you haven’t been to the dentist in many years, it’s very likely that there will be a cavity or two in your mouth that will require some attention. 

Once your examination is complete, your dentist will sit down with you and discuss the facts. If you have questions, now is a great time to ask them. This is also the time at which your dentist will help you understand your future care needs, and come up with a plan to deliver them.

Dental X-Rays

Dental X-rays are among the best ways to inspect your mouth. They can be a little uncomfortable but they are over fairly quickly and are necessary for an appointment. Your dentist can create new x-rays to help create a comprehensive picture of your oral health and guide future appointments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our priority is to make sure that we help you address your condition as safely as possible. At your first visit, here’s what you can expect:

I'm afraid of the Dentist. What can I do?

Fear of the Dentist is extremely common and we understand. We take extra special care to help you understand what we’re doing before we do it and the reasoning behind why we need to do it. No treatment or examination procedures are ever done without you understanding them and giving us permission. 

We also take special care to train our staff to be extremely gentle when doing any dental work for you.

Does the Dentist Do an Exam?

Yes. An exam is essential to learning about you, your condition, and being able to treat your safely and efficiently. During your first visit, the Doctor will ask you questions about your medical history and the condition that you are coming in for. These questions will be followed by a focused exam that will help us determine a diagnosis and what the cause of condition is.

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Exposure to all sources of radiation — including the sun, minerals in the soil, appliances in your home, and dental X-rays — can damage the body’s tissues and cells and lead to the development of cancer. Fortunately, The dosage of X-ray radiation received by a dental patient is typically extremely small (around 0.150 mSv for a full mouth series, according to the American Dental Association website), equivalent to a few days’ worth of background environmental radiation exposure, or similar to the dose received during a cross-country airplane flight (concentrated into one short burst aimed at a small area)

What causes cavities?

There are a number of steps required for cavities to form, starting from the loss of tooth mineral, to eating all the way through the tooth, causing a cavity. 

How Long does it Take To See the Dentist the first time?

We do our very best to schedule your first appointment during a time when our normal patient load is light so that the Doctor can spend more time with you and learn about you and your condition (This will also depend on your schedule).

Once we have all of your initial paperwork done, our staff will take you back to a private room where you’ll wait for the Doctor.

Do you have to get X-Rays?

Due to the nature of how teeth form and the issues that may be hidden to the naked eye, we perform x-rays to help diagnose any issues that you may have (and those that may complicate what we’re trying to do).

Do You Take My Insurance?

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Our amazing, dedicated team is happy to verify your insurance before you ever step foot into the office.

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